rightsHUB Features

rightsHUB offers a comprehensive toolkit of features to make managing your music rights data and assets as easy as sending email.

What is rightsHUB?

Our bespoke wholly owned technology has been developed to meet the needs of music rights holders including record labels and artist managers rightsHUB helps you apply best practices to managing everything that's needed in today's modern music business. 

Our secure cloud based platform is entirely rights neutral - we take no ownership of any of your content or rights, and you're free to leave at any time.

As an agnostic platform, we don't care which distributor, music recognition, publishing or royalties processing partner you use - if we don't have an existing integration (but we probably do!) we we will work with your existing partners to set one up so that you can deliver the right content and data assets at the right time in a single click.

No more double data entry

You only need to upload your catalogue once before delivering to rightsHUB's growing network of B2B partners, including all Music recognition services, multiple CMO’s, publishers, distributors, anti piracy and accounting companies and more thereby reducing the need for double data entry and the likelihood of manual mistakes.

Deliver assets & data in a single click

Whether you're sharing tracks for sync, sending to promotional partners, or pushing new tracks to partners, rightsHUB makes it easy to send the right content at the right time.

Reduce errors and save time

rightsHUB is already saving rightsholders around the world significant amounts of time – and money – managing their assets and data, and helping teams collaborate when working remotely.

Track your rights

By reading the external platform’s APIs, rightsTrack is able to show you the current status of an artists' catalogue on Spotify. All you have to do is search an Artist to view their current live Releases on Spotify. You are then given the option to export to .csv to review and import into rightsHUB where the Release(s) are not included.

Prefer a personal demo?

The best way to discover the power of rightsHUB is to do a walk through with one of the team. Click below to schedule a demo.
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