The easiest way to manage music rights data and assets


rightsHUB is a secure cloud-based platform built specifically for the music industry. rightsHUB makes it simple to manage contractual and descriptive information, rights data & metadata for all your assets. All audio file types, mastered tracks, stems, videos, cover artwork, liner notes and more.

One point of data entry with multiple delivery endpoints based on the needs of your business. Stop the need for work duplication today and save your business time and money.

Built by music people for music people

Our team understands the unique challenges of the music business. Rather than a tech company trying to "disrupt" the music business, we are music people building tools that we want in our day-to-day business.

Designed for labels, artists, managers and all rights-holders across the music industry, rightsHUB provides a one-stop solution for music rights-holders to manage all their data and assets in a clear, easy and concise way.

We cover Master, Contractual, Neighbouring & Publishing data and all associated assets, with everything hosted from one secure cloud based location.

Secure Cloud Based Platform

One point of data entry with multiple exit points

All Your Data In One Location



 Cherish Mengel

Marathon Music Group

"As Marathon Music Group has evolved over the years our catalogue has grown substantially, we have been on the look out for exciting solutions to help our team manage our rights and assets effectively, we recently got on board with rightsHUB and it has become a great tool in helping our team to streamline our processes.

We’re so happy to be working with them as we enter this new phase of growth."

Graham Sahara

Electric Ibiza

"rightsHUB is saving us literally days of work weekly.
Using the platform means we can complete the work that would normally need another couple of members of staff and by using their DataDoktor tool we can clean polish and enhance catalogues we sign to todays standards quickly and efficiently.

rightsHUB is helping us scale the business and the team are quick to react to customer needs, I cannot recommend it enough."

Maximise Revenues

Effective management of rights and digital assets means you can react quickly to deals, and maximise the value of your catalogue, and take advantage of new income streams.

Better contractual compliance

rightsHUB makes it easy to ensure that you and your partners are acting within the terms of contract. By tagging contractual information to assets, everything is in one place.

Send the right content

Whether you're sharing tracks for sync, sending to promotional partners, or pushing new tracks to partners, rightsHUB makes it easy to send the right content at the right time.

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The Platform - At a Glance

Take control of your rights business

With tools to make every part of your process easier, getting your rights in order has never been easier. With all your relevant data in one place, rightsHUB gives you a top-down overview of everything that matters, and the granular detail when you need it.
GEt Started

for record labels

rightsHUB helps labels ensure that their catalogue is in the best possible state of health. Whether you're a new label starting out, or an established player managing or even acquiring catalogue, rightsHUB helps streamline your day-to-day rights workflow.

for artist managers

Digital assets and the rights that surround them are the core assets of artists, producers and their teams. With rightsHUB there's no more scrabbling around for the right file - everything you need is in one place, ready for when you need it.

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