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Built by music people
for music people

Our team understands the unique challenges of the music business. Rather than a tech company trying to "disrupt" the music business we are music people building tools that we want in our day-to-day business. Designed for labels, artists, managers and all rights-holders across the music industry, rightsHUB provides a one-stop solution for music rights-holders to manage all their data and assets in a clear, easy and concise way.


Maximise revenues

Effective management of rights and digital assets means you can react quickly to deals, and maximise the value of your catalogue, and take advantage of new income streams.


Comply with contracts

rightsHUB makes it easy to ensure that you and your partners are acting within the terms of contract. By tagging contractual information to assets, everything is in one place.


Send the right content

Whether you're sharing tracks for sync, sending to promotional partners, or pushing new tracks to partners, rightsHUB makes it easy to send the right content at the right time.

Take control of your rights business

With tools to make every part of your process easier, getting your rights in order has never been easier. With all your relevant data in one place, rightsHUB gives you a top-down overview of everything that matters, and the granular detail when you need it.

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rightsHUB features

At rightsHUB we understand the challenges of managing your catalogue and are building more features all the time to help make managing your rights easier.

Manage Contractual Information

Store all key contractual information and related documentation. Track rights expiry dates and ensure you are working to your contractual obligations.

Digital Asset Management

Storage of assets – tracks, music videos and stems & all of their related metadata. Allows for the upload of high quality audio and video files fully linked to products and publishing data. Create MP3 versions instantly using internal convertor.  Allows for the upload of artwork and ALL release related attachments and all linked to assets.

Manage works and publishing info

Manage all works, composer and publisher information. Creation, rights & registration dates, unique identifier codes relating to works. Fully linked to master rights. Release metadata and assets are collected here relating to both digital and physical music releases.


Create bespoke playlists from your existing assets. Send playlists to your partners for review. Select specific playlist types including, sync, promotion, licensing and more. Deliver content to your existing partners.


Create a bespoke page for your release, asset or playlist simply and effectively. Send to your mailing lists or singular contacts easily. Reduce the need for using external tools. Full control over what can be viewed and for how long.


Log and store all contact details for your partners. Pre-populate data in required data fields.  Bulk import contacts. Add all social media information.

For labels

rightsHUB helps labels ensure that their catalogue is in the best possible state of health. Whether you're a new label starting out, or an established player managing or even acquiring catalogue, rightsHUB helps streamline your day-to-day rights workflow.

For artists & managers

Digital assets and the rights that surround them are the core assets of artists, producers and their teams. With rightsHUB there's no more scrabbling around for the right file - everything you need is in one place, ready for when you need it.

Built with security in mind

Built so that you can
rely on us

rightsHUB is helping some of the world's most innovative music companies hold, manage and control key assets. We understand the importance of privacy and security, and so we have built with security front and foremost, to help safeguard your business.

The easiest way to manage your music rights data and assets

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Free Catalogue Academy Webinars

Catalogue Academy by rightsHUB is our way of sharing the knowledge we have gained while building rightsHUB. Over a 12 week programme of short, insightful and to-the-point webinars we look at the things that you need to be on top of to stay current - and help share tips, best practices and up-to-the-minute trends to help you stay on top of the complex world of managing music rights data and assets in the best way. Completely free of charge.

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rightsAUDIT - a managed service for rights holders

At rightsAUDIT we can conduct a full review of your catalogue to ensure that all registrations have been completed, as well as a full analysis of all contracts. As part of this process, we can ingest your full catalogue into rightsHUB and train you how to use the platform so that on going management is easier.

Our fully managed service includes: full catalogue overview; audit of licensing end-dates; cleaning and updating catalogue data to meet current standards; re-licensing of works; ensure all registrations are complete; chasing statements due; ensure partners are no operating out of term.