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rightsHUB core features


Each plan comes with a certain number of users who have access to and unrestricted use of the platform


Assets are your key digital files, stored in rightsHUB - whether mastered .wav files, videos, stems or other content.


You get the most benefit from rightsHUB when you add contractual data and tag this against releases.


We've set realistic storage limits on each plan, to ensure that you have all the space you need to manage your content.


rightsHUB has been built with security at the heart of business. Your data - and your assets - are secure in rightsHUB.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you've probably got some questions! The best way to get started with rightsHUB is to dive in, but there are a few things that we get asked regularly...

01. Is there a contract with rightsHUB?

Unless you purchase an annual plan, rightsHUB operates on a month-to-month subscription. We have no desire to lock you in for the long term, and we understand that the needs of your business can change.

02. How do I pay?

For most plans we take payment by credit or debit card, processed securely using Stripe - the payment platform used by a huge number of online companies. We never see your card details. If you want to pay by invoice, please contact us.

03. What is an asset?

Assets are any digital file that you upload to rightsHUB. This could be a mastered wav file, but can also be almost anything else associated with a release - stems, videos, artwork, or even a PDF document containing a marketing plan or something else that you want to save against a release.

04. Do you offer discounts?

We can offer a discount if you take an annual subscription to rightsHUB. We also run a number of promotions via trade bodies. If your trade body doesn't already offer a member discount to rightsHUB let us know!

05. Who owns the data I upload to rightsHUB?

You always own all the data you upload to rightsHUB. If you read our terms and conditions you grant us a limited licence which is purely for the purposes of providing the service to you. At rightsHUB we believe strongly in our slogan:
Your music. Your data. Your rights.

06. Is new user training required?

If you'd like to organise a training session for your or your team please reach out to our support team who will be happy to arrange an onboarding session. If you'd like to organise a more in-depth training session for your whole company please let us know.

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