1 User
50 Assets
200 Contracts
5GB Data Storage
£15 monthly

4 Users
4500 Assets
18000 Contracts
500GB Data Storage
£89 monthly

1 User
400 Assets
1600 Contracts
50GB Data Storage
£29 monthly

6 Users
7500 Assets
30,000 Contracts
750GB Data Storage
£159 monthly

2 Users
2000 Assets
8000 Contracts
200GB Data Storage
£49 monthly

10 Users
9000 Assets
36000 Contracts
2500GB Data Storage
£299 monthly
Need more? None of these plans quite the right fit? Need more data storage, users or something else? Drop us a line with your requirements and the team will get back to you ASAP. All prices are plus VAT for UK based clients. 

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